Hi, I'm Molly.

You may be wondering how I got into nutrition. My interest began after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in high school. Despite doctors telling me that diet was not associated with my disease, I was on a mission to understand how food affected how I felt. I began cooking healthy meals for my family and I loved how it felt to bring loved ones together through food. I truly believe that the best memories are made in the kitchen or around the dinner table.  

As a registered dietitian with my master’s in clinical nutrition, my career path began working with chronically ill patients. It was while working in a hospital that I realized I wanted to give people the tools and education to not only prevent these chronic illnesses but to strive towards the best version of themselves.  There is nothing better than helping a client attain the confidence and energy needed to tackle their life’s passions.

For those interested in working with me, the first thing to note is that I take an individualized approach. Each client has unique challenges, goals, and preferences, all of which influence their meal plan. I like to think of myself as the nutrition angel on each client’s shoulder. A majority of my clients know what they should be doing, but it is my job to keep them accountable and motivated. Eating is a multi-layered, emotional act and anyone who gives you a diet without considering that complexity has it all wrong. Together, we will work on eating mindfully and creating healthier habits that keep you looking and feeling your best.

This site is dedicated to finding creative and interesting ways to enhance your lifestyle through healthy and delicious recipes, nutrition tips, and interviews with influencers. My job is to guide you towards the best version of yourself, and each post is meant to get you one step closer.

A mentor of mine once said, “there are three groups of people: the committed, the curious, and the confused”. I realize the confused most likely aren’t visiting my page, so I will dedicate this site to converting the curious into the committed! 

Let's Talk About Your Journey

I hope you will reach out with any questions or suggestions, as this site is for you! I can’t wait to get to know you :)

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