My Morning and Evening Routine


I’m all about a routine and I find that setting positive intentions first thing in the morning can really impact the rest of the day. Here are a few things I try to do each morning that I find start my day off the right way. (Let’s revisit this in a few months with a newborn, these may change a bit!)

When I first wake up, I resist the urge to immediately check emails/texts and recite the morning activation I learned from Kelsey Patel’s Reiki 101 from mindbodygreen. I took her Reiki 1 certification class last year and while this practice definitely does not happen every day, I notice that when I’m consistent with my morning and evening self reiki practices, I am much less impulsive and more at ease in all aspects of life. I highly recommend taking her Reiki 101 course online!

After skimming through emails in bed, I do my quick morning skincare routine- I use Sisley cleansing milk to wash, Vintner’s Daughter active botanical serum to hydrate, Sisley’s Instant Eclat primer (it gives such a good glow) and finally Dr. Brandt’s no more baggage under eye de-puffing gel. I then make my way to the kitchen to make my morning detox tea which I drink while I get dressed.

Morning Detox Tea:

After I drink the tea, I’ll make my iced coffee (there is something about drinking homemade iced coffee with my glass straw that makes me so happy) with a dash of Califa Farm’s almond milk creamer while I make breakfast. See my go-to breakfasts post to see what I make for breakfast! If I can, I get my workout in first thing. It energizes me for the day and I always find myself dreading a workout in the evening!


dr brand hydrobiotic face mask

While I’m definitely not a morning person, I find that I require a bit more to wind down at night. I like making dandelion root tea which helps debloat and gently detoxify but also helps calm me down. Before getting in bed, I wash my face and apply the Dr. Brandt hydrobiotic sleep mask and their eye cream.

Before I put my phone away for the night, I set my alarm and look at my calendar for the next day to make sure I have everything organized. I write a to-do list in my phone note pad if I think of anything I need to add and check off things I’ve taken care of that day. There is something about to-do lists that help me shut off my brain so that I can sleep peacefully.

Once I get into bed I no longer look at my phone in order to prevent the deep dark black hole of instagram (been there too many times!) I light a candle (my all time favorite scent is the Byredo Bibliotheque) , apply an all natural Grown Alchemist hand cream and start my Vitruvi essential oil diffuser with lavender oil. The lavender scent immediately calms me and I also have Vitruvi’s sleep roll on that I apply on my wrists neck. I’ve heard this works wonders for babies by rolling it on to their feet! If you are looking to get into essential oils, I will be doing a video post on that soon! To try Vitruvi’s diffuser or oils, use the code vitruviXmollysbest for a 20% discount :)


I am trying to be more consistent about journaling as I find this helps clear my head as well. I refer to this as my “brain dump”, which I learned from the amazing women at Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life during the amazing Nutritious Life Studio Masterclass this year (email me if you are interested in learning more about Keri Glassman’s Nutritious Life Studio, it was truly a game changer for my career!). A "brain dump” just means you open your journal with no intention and see what pours out of you. Some days it’s a to-do list, other days it’s more reflective but I always sleep more peacefully after I write, even if it’s for 5 minutes. I love this quote “You don’t know what you think until you’ve heard what you have to say and read what you have to write”. They also told me this astounding statistic: We average 70,000 thoughts per day. 90% are repetitive. 80% are negative.

In order to put a stop to the repetitive, negative thoughts, it often helps to give it a home in your journal. Just by writing it down it can help get it out of your head and make space for positive thoughts!

This is all part of my self care ritual that helps me connect with my feminine energy and also helps me transition from the hectic day into a calm, zen night time state. I love this time to connect with Matt to recount our days and cuddle with our dog, Muggsy. If I’m not already dozing off by the end of writing, I read my book (currently reading Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman!) or listen to a Podcast (Currently listening to the Goop podcast)

What are some of your routines that help you start or end your day on the right note??