My "Go-To" Healthy Restaurants in NYC

One of the many things I love about living in NYC is that you can eat out and stay healthy. There are so many awesome healthy options that my client's can't use the "but I don't have time to cook" excuse. Here is my list of faves. If you have any other spots I haven't listed, please share! I have probably been meaning to check it out :)

broken coconut

1. Broken Coconut (15 E 4th St): I had the pleasure of working with the chef on this menu so I can truly say that menu is "Molly Approved". We worked hard to ensure that the smoothies and bowls were truly balanced and healthy, not just bowls of sugar! They have such a varied menu that you could really eat there for every meal and not get bored. I really can't pick favorites but depending on your mood, you have the choice to start your day off with beautiful and filling smoothie or coconut yogurt bowls, chia and oat grain bowls, eggs, or a delicious toast on gluten free bread. Lunch and dinner offer poke bowls or creative salads that will keep you coming back!

2. Springbone Kitchen (90 W 3rd St): I love when I can tell a client that the whole menu is approved, and that is the case at Springbone. The concept revolves around the ultra nutritious bone broth. I love the chicken zoodle soup or the "roots" broth that adds ginger and turmeric. I especially love that all their meats are grass fed, their veggies are seasonal and they are very conscious about grains. 

Chicken meatballs with zucchini noodles, caesar salad and roasted cauliflower from The Sosta

Chicken meatballs with zucchini noodles, caesar salad and roasted cauliflower from The Sosta

3. The Sosta (186 Mott St) : Any place that gives the option to replace any of the pasta dishes with zucchini noodles will win my heart. I love the pesto zoodles with the chicken meatballs. The roasted cauliflower is also delish!

4. Bo Ca Phe (222 Lafayette St): This is a quirky modernized Vietnamese restaurant with lots of healthy and creative options. Go for the summer rolls, definitely try the veggie or rainbow quinoa salad, and their pho is very tasty. They also give the option to replace the noodles with zucchini noodles (zoodles  have really made their way onto restaurant menus!)

5. Mulberry & Vine (73 Warren St, 55 W 27th St, 155 E 44th St):This is an easy, clean fast casual option that has enough variety and creativity to keep you from getting bored. They follow the protein and 2 sides model and is satisfying for those days you just don't want a salad. 

6. Vyne: This is a vegan meal delivery option for those who are tired of trying to figure out what to order every day for lunch. You can rely on Vyne knowing every dish is delicious, healthy, and thoughtfully designed to have a good amount of plant based protein per meal. I get excited to see the menu each week as they continue to surprise me with their creativity! 

Asian crunch salad with tofu croutons from glaze

Asian crunch salad with tofu croutons from glaze

7. Glaze (139 4th Ave, 60 W 56th St, 638 Lexington Ave, 145 N 4th St): I've had the honor of working with Glaze over the past few months to give their menu and makeover. We've had so much fun creating a low sugar teryaki sauce, tofu croutons for the salads, and playing around with adding more color, nutrients, and veggies to the menu. Check it out and let me know what you think!

birchir meusli from Chalait 

birchir meusli from Chalait 

8. Chalait (299 West Houston) This is one of my frequent meeting spots because I know there always be a seat and something healthy to eat. I go for the bircher muesli, mixed grain porridge or the market greens and grains, with a matcha almond milk latte, of course! They have locations in nomad and chelsea market along with the newest hudson square location!

9. Blake Lane (1429 3rd Ave): I realize this list is full of downtown spots so I wanted to throw in an option for my uptowners. This California-style plant based menu impressed me on so many levels. It's the kind of place that you'll end up with 3x as much food as you need because you just can't decide what to order. The menu is truly a nutritionist's dream. 

10. Jack's Wife Freida (224 Lafayette or 50 Carmine st): I am guilty of ordering the same thing almost every time I visit Jack's wife...the breakfast bowl just hits the spot every time. It is a beautiful bowl of spaghetti squash, red quinoa, kale, grilled tomato, avocado and a poached egg. Perfect balance of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. On the rare occasion I order something else, the mustard seed tofu over spaghetti squash or the Greek salad with salmon or chicken are also great!

11. Siggy's Good Food (292 Elizabeth St): I couldn't make this list without including Siggy's. I found this spot when I first moved to the city and I've been frequenting ever since. They genuinely care about using the highest quality ingredients that are good for you and good for the environment. That means 100% organic, no GMO's, no antibiotics, no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They have a good mix of light dishes and healthy versions of those comfort foods we all love. My favorites are (there are so many to pick from!) the coconut and almond chicken milanese, the Greek style quinoa avocado salad, and the eggplant veggie and tofu noodle-free lasagna.