My Favorite Workouts While Pregnant


I’ve gotten a lot of questions about working out while pregnant. I have to say I’ve been lucky in that I’ve felt energized enough to keep up my workouts. Working out gives me more energy throughout the day. That being said, I’ve been trying to really listen to my body and slow down when something isn’t feeling quite right and most importantly, only going to classes where the instructors know what they are doing when it comes to prenatal exercise. For example, when I tried going to Barry’s Bootcamp in my first trimester (this was after the 5 weeks of nausea subsided), I had to walk out half way through because running hurt my boobs too much! While I kept up with pilates on a mega-reformer for awhile, the twisting oblique moves and crunching no longer worked by month six. Now, in month 6, I’m still ok lying flat on my back but I think that will start to make me dizzy in the next few weeks.

These have been the classes that have felt best for me. Remember, everyone is totally different and you have to listen to your body!

  1. Body Conceptions- I have been doing at home privates with Mahri but since she splits her time between NY and Denver, I have started training with Meghan and Julia who are great as well! The workout is a mix of dance cardio and toning with 2-3 lb weights. The dance cardio is totally manageable for non-coordinated people like myself. They are prenatal experts and taught me everything I need to know about kegels!

  2. Flex Prenatal Classes- I have been going to Flex Pilates for a few years now but I absolutely love that they have a prenatal class because by the 5th month of pregnancy, the twisting obliques and crunches in the regular classes weren’t working for me. The class is just as hard as the regular classes just leaves out the moves we can’t do and focuses more on arms, legs, and butt. I take class with Kara Levine!

  3. Megan Roup- I absolutely love Megan’s class which is also a mix of (very manageable) dance cardio and toning. Megan is great at checking in with me to make sure I have alternatives when they get to the ab section. I often do leg lifts leaning back on my elbows or butt lifts lying on my back during the ab section! I also sometimes use that time for extra stretching. Megan has her workouts on Obe Fitness online for those who aren’t in NY (or don’t want to leave the house for a workout!) and has prenatal workouts on there as well!

  4. Dance Body Sculpt- if you can’t tell, a workout that combines dance cardio and toning is my favorite! I can’t keep up with their signature dance classes for the life of me but I love the sculpt class which is less dance and more weights/mat work. Courtnay is my favorite instructor and she also is great at checking in with me to make sure I have alternatives during the ab sections. They also usually have a second instructor taking the class who will come lead me through my own inner thigh/butt routine while the rest of the class does abs which I very much appreciate!

  5. Namaste New York- I absolutely love Namaste for at home yoga and pilates (also for massages and energy work). Julie, the founder makes sure the trainer she sends is perfect for your goals and needs. Matt and I love taking yoga with Marlee and I was lucky enough to get a prenatal yoga class from Julie herself which was a real treat and amazing for connecting with my breath and with the baby.

  6. Sky Ting Yoga PreNatal- This is a beautiful studio and very calming vibe!

  7. Dogpound- Of course I love training at Dogpound! Hannah, Emily and Melody are my faves for my prenatal training.

I hope this helps! I’m writing this in month six so I will keep you updated as I get further into my pregnancy!