Let's Talk about Snacks

Happy Monday! To kickstart the week, I’m diving into a topic that I get asked about ALL the time - SNACKS (because who doesn’t love a good munchie). The majority of us hit that 3pm slump in the middle of the day and feel like we need that small boost of energy to keep us going until dinner. Always remember that this should be a small snack and not something that fills you up like a full meal! In general, snacks should be around 200 calories. I always suggest drinking a full glass of water before grabbing a snack to make sure you’re not mistaking hunger for thirst - plus you can always use more H20!

healthy snacks


When choosing a snack, always remember to pick something that will provide a combination of protein and fiber since these are the two components that are going to keep you feeling satisfied. If you end up grabbing a piece of fruit, be sure to pair it with a source of protein or healthy fat (ex. the famous apple & peanut butter combo). I always tell clients to listen to their bodies - if you’re feeling extremely hungry, grab that fuel! It’ll keep you from overeating at your next meal.


I’ve put together a quick list below of some of my favorite snacks that are Molly’s Best approved!



Any questions? Reach out to me! Always happy to help :)